Who We Are


We, Cameroonians in the Diaspora and based in the USA, would like to join our brothers and sisters in Cameroon and across the globe in finding a peaceful solution to the current crisis in our country.

We intend to promote peace and encourage every Cameroonian to work for peace.

We believe that freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental human rights for all but could only be achieved in a just and peaceful society.

We are not part of any existing political party, political movement or civil society organization.

We welcome all members of the Cameroonian society at home and abroad as well as friends and well-wishers of Cameroon.

CPI Work Plan


The main objective of the Cameroon Peace Initiative is to create a platform for dialogue, a forum for debate and exchange with the goal of bringing various factions of society to listen to one another, talk to each other and create the social bonds needed for a new beginning in the motherland.

We are going to try to reach out to every group and every member of the Cameroonian society.

We encourage every Cameroonian to extend a hand to all the Cameroonians they come across in joining this initiative. 

We look forward to having discussions on social media for a start, conference calls and finally Town Hall meetings as the process evolves.

These discussions will lead, we hope, to the drafting of a document or memorandum that we want to offer as a guide in the resolution of this conflict.

CPI Work Plan

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