Our Impacts

The recent convening by the President of the Republic of a national dialogue could be the starting point of the Cameroon rebirthing process. In conformity with our initially proposed road map, the Cameroon Peace Initiative (CPI) is urging each peace-seeking individual from all parties to give peace a chance by participating and implementing the recommendations of the Inclusive National Dialogue.

It is essential that fair rules be in place to guide a healthy and constructive conversation among fellow countrymen, including the consensual designation of a trustworthy mediator – from among members of the AU Expert Panel, for example – to lead the Dialogue.  

It is of paramount importance that all stakeholders be physically present and able to express themselves freely, specifically: the protagonist of the Anglophone crisis (The president of the republic and government, the leaders of known separatists’ movements, and other country stakeholders such as members of parliament, leaders of the anglophone and francophone diasporas, and leaders of other political parties, major NGOs, Unions, etc.

A Presidential pardon should be granted to all stakeholders currently caught up in the legal system.

A cease-fire should be agreed to during the dialogue process.

Once key players have agreed on the fundamental principles of a genuine and credible exchange, the actual dialogue can start.

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